Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Amazingly easy and delicious Overnight Oats

So, my latest obsession is Overnight Oats. They have been around but I chanced upon it while visiting some gorgeous food blogs. A powerhouse that is rich in fiber, protein and the well known benefits of cholesterol lowering, it seems like the perfect meal for on-the-go people, like me. It looks so simple and the pictures are so inviting that the moment I was home, I instantly whipped out my old baby food jars and made them.

Yes... I have been surfing food blogs at work... It relaxes me. And yes, I am a mini hoarder and I am still keeping the mason jars of Jeremy when had his purée like 2.5 years ago. I call myself a mini hoarder because I know 2 big-time hoarders... Both whom I love deeply. :) But ok, that's a completely different post.

Back to the Oats... The few main ingredients that you need are Old-fashioned oats, chia seeds and milk (or any liquid of your preference works too, e.g. soy milk, almond milk, water, even tea or coffee!). I had some unsweetened applesauce and raisins in the fridge, so in that go as well.

Overnight Oats

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pumpkin Red Bean Buns

I have been very busy at work and couldn't find time to further explore the intriguing world of blogging. :) That also means I haven't done much baking lately too. Ok, today I managed to make something that I used to make often.

This recipe is definitely one of my favorite. Pumpkin buns! The recipe was shared by one of the multi-talented mommy in one of the mummies network groups and it is a sure-win recipe. The dough is very easy to work with and the buns always turns out Oh-So-Fluffy... And the golden yellow color of the pumpkin makes this buns really special & cheery (just discovered "Cheery" is not a proper word... But you guys get what I mean).

So, here it goes... pumpkin buns with a twist. Since I have some red bean filling that was leftover from another baking session, I decided to make the buns with filling this time and it turned out really well too. :D

Pumpkin buns

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Purple Sweet Potato Buns

Now, I have been attracted by this recipe by the lovely purple color of the buns. Hence, without any delay, I asked my mummy to help me get some purple sweet potatoes for me. I can't wait to try out the recipe, which has been circulating around the breadmaker group that I am in. So, here are the steps of making this yummy and soft buns...

My 1st post...

I have been thinking about blogging for a long, loooooong time. But, I had never really gave it a long enough thought on how do I start about doing it and doubted I had the "artistic" touch to make the blog look decent and who would read it? So, here I am, after a few clicks and suddenly I have "created" this page? Hmmm... let's see where this takes me... :) So, as a first post, I am posting a picture of my favorite people in the world... My lovely family. This photo was taken during my son's and daughter's birthday party. More about that later.