Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Project Gratitude #Day 2


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Here goes Day #2

7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day. 

Things to be grateful for today:
  1. My breast friend,  the Medela Freestyle-Double-Electric-Hands-free-Breast-Pump, for allowing me to continue providing the best nourishment to my kids for 37 months combined while I am working and away from them. I couldn’t have made it this far if not for this invention. It is very compact, and its mobility has given multi-tasking a whole new meaning. Thank you, whoever the Inventor(s) is(are). 
  2. My hubby for taking care of EVERYTHING so that I have a peace of mind during the time I am at work or away from the kids. He is the Rock of My Life. 
  3. An unsolicited compliment from a total stranger that I met during breakfast. We exchanged smiles and she offered to bring me coffee although it was just on the counter and most guests self-serviced (sounds a bit wrong, but you know what I mean) themselves. When she sent me the cup of coffee, she said, “Miss, your face look very beautiful.”  Awww, it made my day. Never underestimate the power of sincere and simple compliments. :D 
Tagging, my Big Sister, Adeline Koh and College Buddy, Georgia Kaounis, to join me on this project. :)

Monday, 29 September 2014

Project Gratitude #Day 1

I had been reading all the positive Facebook posts from friends who took on this challenge and drew inspirations from it. Finally, this landed on my lap as 2 of my friends, Daphne & Ines, tagged me on the same day last week. I think it will contribute to the positive vibes that is in the air and we surely need more of that in our life, right? :) I'd like to keep this as a record on my blog to really instill the attitude of gratitude in myself and so that I can remind myself of all the things that I have to be thankful of. 

7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day. 

Well, they said it takes 21 repetitions to make things into a habit, so, here I go:
  1. Thank you to my Mummy, who gave me life and taught me the values of life. Just to list a few things: helping me with the 2 gems of my life every day. I know they drive you up the walls some days (OK, many days), but they love you very much, Po Po.
  2. Thank you to my hubby for being such a hands-on Papa. He bathed & diapered both the lil’ ones before I could and for taking over the graveyard shift from me when they wake up at 1a.m. and decided to play until 4.30a.m. (Thank God it is NOT every day ;P)
  3. Thank you to my Mom-in-law for waking up early today just to cook home-made lunch for me to bring to work. I am utterly blessed.
Here, I would to like to invite 2 people to join this meaningful project: Jason Lee (my handsome brother, who is working abroad and we miss dearly) and Su (my partner in "crime") to embark on this with me.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cheese Loaf Quick Bread

Look at the almond flakes in there! :)

This is another easy recipe and my first time trying out a recipe from the "Quick Bread" portion of the recipe book that came with my bread maker. Lately, looking at recipes had become my hobby and I don't know how long this will last, but it is therapeutic to me now. This grabbed my attention because of the key word "Quick" and looking through the recipe, it didn't use any yeast. I had always wanted to try out bread recipes sans yeast, so I wasted no time. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Easy- Peasy German Almond Crisps

This recipe is so easy-peasy and simple that it doesn't need much explanation. Truly, some of the pleasures of life comes from very simple things. :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Air Fried Even Crispier Chicken Drumsticks

Air is indeed the "New Oil". Remember my previous Crispy Baked Chicken post? The Air Fried Even Crispier Chicken Drumsticks elevates this to a totally new level. Imagine this, this guilt-free (almost) Crispy "Fried" Chicken is so crispy (Yes, I mentioned Crispy twice in the same sentence) that you will be wanting to eat this EVERYDAY. It is really thaaat good.

Storing Milk for Getting back to work

1st trial pump at 4 weeks post-delivery
As a FTWM (Full Time Working Mommypreneur) I have been expressing breast milk for the time when I am away for work or business sessions. Because this would be my 37th month (2 kids combined) of breastfeeding and because a big part of that 37 months I have been expressing breast milk for my babies, I can definitely vouch, beyond any doubt, that breastfeeding is completely do-able for working & entrepreneurial moms. :) 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Traditional Baked Mooncake

Traditional Baked Mooncake

Hellooo! Anyone here?? Oh well, I talk to myself a lot, so, here I go... I must say I HAVE MISSED Blogging! Life have been so hectic the past few weeks, that I was M.I.A from here. Sob... sob...
While I was away, I did get to bake. Actually, I went for a Mooncake (MC) class. It was a totally impromptu-spur-of-the-moment thing and as the wise ones say, the rest is history. In the class, I learnt many things, from how to conduct a great baking class to the technicalities that are involved in this delicate, traditional "cake" that we, in Asia, are so used to.