Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Breastfeeding Stories: May Kwan, Ian and Timothy

When I was about to deliver my firstborn, I was often asked whether I would breastfeed my baby (Ian). My reply was a definite yes, because I saw my sister, Pik Kwan, and good friend, Mumtaz, successfully do it. 

After Ian was born, I would latch and latch, but, he was an extremely sleepy baby. As he grew older by the day, I saw him getting progressively yellow and his poo/pee output was reducing. On my instinct and family's encouragement, I sent him for his jaundice checkup and it was very high. Hence, Ian was immediately admitted and put under 2 phototheraphy lights. I started pumping then to provide for his feeds in the hospital as I wasn't confident that he was latching well. I had no choice then, but to supplement with Formula Milk (FM) to ensure he flushes out the bilirubin. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Breastfeeding Stories: Jinsi & her little Miracles

Breastfeeding: this is one of my many first challenges being a mom. And it never crossed my mind that it would be one. Well, after all, posters that promote breastfeeding always portray very smiley and happy moms, don’t they? I have 3 children and I have breastfed all of them (actually, I’m still breastfeeding my 3rd). And my experience in breastfeeding has been very different for all 3 of them.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Breastfeeding Stories: Kathleen & Valerie

"Sore nipples, painful engorgement, extreme lack of sleep, tiring pumping sessions every day despite a busy work schedule etc.... All of these, did not stop me from breastfeeding. Whenever I see my baby sleep like an angel in my arms,  no words can describe this wonderful feeling. You simply have to feel it yourself."

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Project Gratitude #Day 6

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7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. Proud mommy moment #48968. My little girl suprised me by reciting 1-10 and she made Maria von Trapp proud by remembering Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do-O-O-Ohhh. Wow! At 18+ months. Thank you Joy-Joy for bringing so much Joy to our life. 
  2. I'm thankful that Jeremy was such a good boy today in the morning. Woke up & changed fuss-free and gave me a hug and kiss on the lips, walked into the school on his own and waved good bye to me. This may sound so normal, but trust me... When your kids are in a good mood, you just know that whole day will be great! 
  3. I am grateful for the "Slap on the Face aka Wake Up Call" that I have been getting this week. If I do not take any actions, then someone else will. Sometimes we are so afraid to speak our minds out in the fear of people ridiculing or rejecting us. But I know for a fact, and in a heartache-ly way that it is 1000x more painful when you know that your loved ones are misled or you have missed the honor of working hand-in-hand with them in building something great together. A reminder to myself to buck up!
Tagging Premkumar Nagalingam, my ever-positive & down-to-earth friend (By the way, super great sharing last Friday!) and Renukka Kandiah, his equally talented and cheerful sister on this meaningful project.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Breastfeeding Stories: Poh Imm and Tuck Wai

It all started when I was pregnant and my eldest sister and brother-in-law convinced me that breast milk is best. My eldest sister manage to breastfeed the baby 8 years back. She told me it's doable so I gave it a try. Moreover, my husband is allergic to cow's milk and he was on soy formula, so, I wanted to give breast milk as soy was not good for boys.

So, I started buying a breast pump even at 1st trimester. My sister then used a single manual pump so I did not research for other pumps and thought dual is not manageable so bought a single electric pump when hubby was in the States. That's a pretty early decision to breastfeed really so after that I started reading about breastfeeding and joining forums. Even asked colleagues to bring me to my office well equipped mothers room to see and hear her sharing. I find that doing all this really helps because it gives me a head start on what to expect and how to mentally prepare for this.

Positive Breastfeeding Stories

My favorite nursing picture

I love reading breastfeeding stories and I had wanted to start a post on "Breastfeeding Stories" of all the nursing mothers that had touched my life, in many ways, for a while now. One fine day last week, I decided to put this "vision" into action and sent out messages to my friends inviting them to share their breastfeeding stories on the blog. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it will be such a heart-warming experience to read them.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Project Gratitude #Day 5

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7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. Thank you to my Chi-Muis, Adeline Koh, Cindy Tiu, Natasyia Lim, PeekAboo Elise, for the friendship. We have been through thick and thin and although we don’t meet each other as often as we used to or want to these days, I love it that whenever we do managed to meet up, we laugh like 16 year old girls (actually like hyenas, sometimes) !!! We hardly have enough time to really catch up to the recent happenings in our lives, because we talk too much about the great ol’ times and laugh over & over about the wacky times we shared. Love you gals.
  2. Thank you to my late father for the lessons in life. I used to be angry, upset and disappointed. And till today, I regret not calling often enough. Now, I am so grateful that I think of him with peace every day (almost, except for the times I zonked out even without washing my face. Having 2 kids does that to you often) before I sleep and he gives me much assurance and he is looking out for us from above. 
  3. Thank you for my mommy, Pearl Pearl Yong, the most amazing, generous & sincere person that I know. She never ceases to amaze me with her energy (If she speaks loudly, that’s her natural tone and that means she is all Good & Healthy :P). She regularly helps out people who is in need although it may take a little more effort, e.g. ferry her friends to their check-ups, to the Welfare department or bank to settle any issues etc. She is the best cook ever and I WILL make a point to learn up all the classic dishes from her. We Love You so MUCH!
Tagging Natasyia Lim, because I know you will take up this easy challenge and Cine Ye, because you are Nat's friend (and friends support each others right?) to join me on this project.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Project Gratitude #Day 4

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7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. For being surrounded by positive & like-minded friends who reminds me to not settle for the mediocre. "The enemy of a Great Life is a good life". Thanks for the Friday inspirations Logeswary Arumugam & Hemanathan Ramasami
  2. I'm grateful for caring, resourceful and generous friends and strangers that answered my call for help for the lil' master's concert. It was beyond my expectations and I got a whole load of new ideas now. Not sure if I should "dress" the boy up too OTT. Ahahaha!
  3. For a smooth session today with mommies and friends. The kids had lots of fun playing and we got to share some beauty tips. 
Tagging my ex-high school friends on this meaningful project, AiPing Goh and Su Ee Tan. (Jangan marah, nanti cepat tua... and I'd like to hear more from you also mar... )

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pandan Peanut Butter Macarons

Pandan Peanut Butter Macarons

Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! (Skipping like a little girl in a candy shop)... I attempted THE Macarons (Mah-Kar-RONs with a silent N) and it turned out OK. Hehehe!

Project Gratitude #Day 3

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A bit late for Day 3, but being grateful is never too late...

7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. Fun colleagues who are as passionate about food as I am. Meal times are a much looked forward time. All that laughter must be assisting in the quick digestion of the food which leads to other makan sessions. 
  2. I’m grateful that my daughter woke up with a wide-toothed-until-can’t-see-her-eyes smile because I was just “there”. She is growing up too fast and how I wished she stays the cute lil’ girl for a longer time. 
  3. For my parents’ who brought me up with many, many good values of being thankful for all that we have, not wasting food (You can ask people who has seen me eat and they will tell you how much I LOVE food) and always push myself a little bit harder as there is “NO FREE LUNCH”. I hope to instill such values with my kids too.
Tagging my Makan-Kaki, Lillian Ch and another foodie, Terry Teh to join me on this project.