Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Trying Out Mobile Blogger App Seriously

Hello there! I have been away for exactly a month, or so. So many things had happened or took place in my life in the past month; some major, some new things, some same ol' same ol', but not a day passed without me thinking of updating the exciting things that I was going through here. 

But due to one of these change that took place, I was somewhat "disconnected" for a while (well, it was mainly because I didn't have a laptop, or rather a fully functional one, for me to blog easily) and blogging from the Blogger mobile app is never as satisfying, it took me so long to post anything here. Plus I hate it that my fonts and pictures' alignment are all messed up which is happening as I am typing I'm sure. GRRRRR... I am trying to console my "perfectionist" self that contents are more important... But if anyone can teach me how to avoid this and make my post look proper, please share and enlighten me! Pleeeeeaaassse! Uncle Google wasn't able to help much, yet... 

I have sooooo many things to share, to record, that now I don't even know how and where to start! Oh well, that is better than not having anything to say cos' that will mean life had been boring... And certainly there was no dull moments at all! 

So, maybe I'd do a "Top 10" list of what I was up to in the past month. In no particular order, they are: