Saturday, 29 August 2015

The "Best" Snow Skin Mooncake

This year is my second year making mooncakes. I truly didn't regret taking lessons last year, as this year the mooncakes turned out really well and it was much easier to make the second time round. 

I am so happy that, I, finally, managed to conduct my first mooncake workshop this year. I am even more glad that my "students" excelled with flying colors. Ahhh... The joy of seeing them successfully make their gorgeous and tasty mooncakes were beyond words. Truly satisfying.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

One-Pot Chicken in Milk

This is inspired by a very famous recipe by the genius, Jamie Oliver. Some said this is probably the best chicken recipe.

Simple ingredients and a little mismatched you may think. But it all works out well. Jamie was one of the earliest influence on me wanting to try cooking. So, when I saw that this recipe was from Jamie Oliver, I believed unconditionally it will be delicious.