Project Gratitude #Day 1

I had been reading all the positive Facebook posts from friends who took on this challenge and drew inspirations from it. Finally, this landed on my lap as 2 of my friends, Daphne & Ines, tagged me on the same day last week. I think it will contribute to the positive vibes that is in the air and we surely need more of that in our life, right? :) I'd like to keep this as a record on my blog to really instill the attitude of gratitude in myself and so that I can remind myself of all the things that I have to be thankful of. 

7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day. 

Well, they said it takes 21 repetitions to make things into a habit, so, here I go:
  1. Thank you to my Mummy, who gave me life and taught me the values of life. Just to list a few things: helping me with the 2 gems of my life every day. I know they drive you up the walls some days (OK, many days), but they love you very much, Po Po.
  2. Thank you to my hubby for being such a hands-on Papa. He bathed & diapered both the lil’ ones before I could and for taking over the graveyard shift from me when they wake up at 1a.m. and decided to play until 4.30a.m. (Thank God it is NOT every day ;P)
  3. Thank you to my Mom-in-law for waking up early today just to cook home-made lunch for me to bring to work. I am utterly blessed.
Here, I would to like to invite 2 people to join this meaningful project: Jason Lee (my handsome brother, who is working abroad and we miss dearly) and Su (my partner in "crime") to embark on this with me.


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