Breastfeeding Stories: Jinsi & her little Miracles

Breastfeeding: this is one of my many first challenges being a mom. And it never crossed my mind that it would be one. Well, after all, posters that promote breastfeeding always portray very smiley and happy moms, don’t they? I have 3 children and I have breastfed all of them (actually, I’m still breastfeeding my 3rd). And my experience in breastfeeding has been very different for all 3 of them.

At the hospital where my oldest son was born, the midwives gave me conflicting advice on positioning and when to feed (on demand vs. regularly spaced out feedings). As a new mom, I was overwhelmed! Funnily enough, it didn't occur to me to give up breastfeeding and I’m glad I didn't because it was such a special time that my son and I shared. 

With my second, I was prepared and thought, ‘Right, I know what I’m doing this time’ and was certain cracked nipples and engorgement will not rear their heads this time around. But guess what? My little baby girl didn't know how to latch on properly and for three weeks I had to express milk and feed it to her with a bottle. Guess it was not time to say goodbye to sore nipples yet! Seeing a lactation consultant at the hospital really helped my baby and me and she was soon feeding like a pro. 

My third baby was born 5 weeks prematurely but when it came to feeding, she latched on right away and fed like a pro. I was so relieved!

For me, breastfeeding is a natural way to provide my babies with the nutrients they need and I’m thankful that I can do that for them. I read or heard this somewhere: ‘Cows do not feed their calves with milk from other animals. Why would one give a human baby cow’s milk?’ And it was a moment where I went ‘that makes sense!’.


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