Positive Breastfeeding Stories

My favorite nursing picture

I love reading breastfeeding stories and I had wanted to start a post on "Breastfeeding Stories" of all the nursing mothers that had touched my life, in many ways, for a while now. One fine day last week, I decided to put this "vision" into action and sent out messages to my friends inviting them to share their breastfeeding stories on the blog. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it will be such a heart-warming experience to read them.

Wow... I am so touched that many of them responded very positively. A BIG "Thank You" to all of you! :')

Here, I would like to dedicate a series of posts on their stories. All of them are inspirational and each tugs at my heart when I read them. I salute each one of them for their determination and perseverance. Each story is unique in their own ways, but, I am sure you will find something that you can relate to and draw positive vibes from.

It is my hope that in times of doubts, weakness and if sometimes things get a little rough, just stop for a few moments, take a deep breath and read these wonderful stories. Know that you are NOT alone. Many have gone through what you are going through and take it one feed at a time. :D

Trust me, it gets easier and it is truly a rewarding journey.

The Story of Poh Imm & Tuck Wai
Jinsi & her little Miracles
May Kwan, Ian and Timothy
Kathleen & Valerie
Yvonne & Annabelle
Kim & Isabelle
Jessica and her milk-drunk baby


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