Project Gratitude #Day 3

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A bit late for Day 3, but being grateful is never too late...

7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. Fun colleagues who are as passionate about food as I am. Meal times are a much looked forward time. All that laughter must be assisting in the quick digestion of the food which leads to other makan sessions. 
  2. I’m grateful that my daughter woke up with a wide-toothed-until-can’t-see-her-eyes smile because I was just “there”. She is growing up too fast and how I wished she stays the cute lil’ girl for a longer time. 
  3. For my parents’ who brought me up with many, many good values of being thankful for all that we have, not wasting food (You can ask people who has seen me eat and they will tell you how much I LOVE food) and always push myself a little bit harder as there is “NO FREE LUNCH”. I hope to instill such values with my kids too.
Tagging my Makan-Kaki, Lillian Ch and another foodie, Terry Teh to join me on this project.


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