Project Gratitude #Day 4

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7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. For being surrounded by positive & like-minded friends who reminds me to not settle for the mediocre. "The enemy of a Great Life is a good life". Thanks for the Friday inspirations Logeswary Arumugam & Hemanathan Ramasami
  2. I'm grateful for caring, resourceful and generous friends and strangers that answered my call for help for the lil' master's concert. It was beyond my expectations and I got a whole load of new ideas now. Not sure if I should "dress" the boy up too OTT. Ahahaha!
  3. For a smooth session today with mommies and friends. The kids had lots of fun playing and we got to share some beauty tips. 
Tagging my ex-high school friends on this meaningful project, AiPing Goh and Su Ee Tan. (Jangan marah, nanti cepat tua... and I'd like to hear more from you also mar... )


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