Project Gratitude #Day 5

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7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. Thank you to my Chi-Muis, Adeline Koh, Cindy Tiu, Natasyia Lim, PeekAboo Elise, for the friendship. We have been through thick and thin and although we don’t meet each other as often as we used to or want to these days, I love it that whenever we do managed to meet up, we laugh like 16 year old girls (actually like hyenas, sometimes) !!! We hardly have enough time to really catch up to the recent happenings in our lives, because we talk too much about the great ol’ times and laugh over & over about the wacky times we shared. Love you gals.
  2. Thank you to my late father for the lessons in life. I used to be angry, upset and disappointed. And till today, I regret not calling often enough. Now, I am so grateful that I think of him with peace every day (almost, except for the times I zonked out even without washing my face. Having 2 kids does that to you often) before I sleep and he gives me much assurance and he is looking out for us from above. 
  3. Thank you for my mommy, Pearl Pearl Yong, the most amazing, generous & sincere person that I know. She never ceases to amaze me with her energy (If she speaks loudly, that’s her natural tone and that means she is all Good & Healthy :P). She regularly helps out people who is in need although it may take a little more effort, e.g. ferry her friends to their check-ups, to the Welfare department or bank to settle any issues etc. She is the best cook ever and I WILL make a point to learn up all the classic dishes from her. We Love You so MUCH!
Tagging Natasyia Lim, because I know you will take up this easy challenge and Cine Ye, because you are Nat's friend (and friends support each others right?) to join me on this project.


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