Project Gratitude #Day 6

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7 days, 3 things to be thankful of and “Spread” the love to 2 friends every day.
  1. Proud mommy moment #48968. My little girl suprised me by reciting 1-10 and she made Maria von Trapp proud by remembering Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do-O-O-Ohhh. Wow! At 18+ months. Thank you Joy-Joy for bringing so much Joy to our life. 
  2. I'm thankful that Jeremy was such a good boy today in the morning. Woke up & changed fuss-free and gave me a hug and kiss on the lips, walked into the school on his own and waved good bye to me. This may sound so normal, but trust me... When your kids are in a good mood, you just know that whole day will be great! 
  3. I am grateful for the "Slap on the Face aka Wake Up Call" that I have been getting this week. If I do not take any actions, then someone else will. Sometimes we are so afraid to speak our minds out in the fear of people ridiculing or rejecting us. But I know for a fact, and in a heartache-ly way that it is 1000x more painful when you know that your loved ones are misled or you have missed the honor of working hand-in-hand with them in building something great together. A reminder to myself to buck up!
Tagging Premkumar Nagalingam, my ever-positive & down-to-earth friend (By the way, super great sharing last Friday!) and Renukka Kandiah, his equally talented and cheerful sister on this meaningful project.


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