Trying Out Mobile Blogger App Seriously

Hello there! I have been away for exactly a month, or so. So many things had happened or took place in my life in the past month; some major, some new things, some same ol' same ol', but not a day passed without me thinking of updating the exciting things that I was going through here. 

But due to one of these change that took place, I was somewhat "disconnected" for a while (well, it was mainly because I didn't have a laptop, or rather a fully functional one, for me to blog easily) and blogging from the Blogger mobile app is never as satisfying, it took me so long to post anything here. Plus I hate it that my fonts and pictures' alignment are all messed up which is happening as I am typing I'm sure. GRRRRR... I am trying to console my "perfectionist" self that contents are more important... But if anyone can teach me how to avoid this and make my post look proper, please share and enlighten me! Pleeeeeaaassse! Uncle Google wasn't able to help much, yet... 

I have sooooo many things to share, to record, that now I don't even know how and where to start! Oh well, that is better than not having anything to say cos' that will mean life had been boring... And certainly there was no dull moments at all! 

So, maybe I'd do a "Top 10" list of what I was up to in the past month. In no particular order, they are:

1. Joined a new company
Now, this was a major decision that took me a while to make. The great thing about this move is that now I am even nearer to home. This is great as traveling distance and hopefully time will be cut down. Yaay! That means a few more minutes of precious sleep. THANK YOU!! 
Fat hopes or wishful thinking?  More about sleep (mostly the lack of it :p) later. My lil' miss is going through a weird and I pray to God a short phase of sleep regression or "short circuit". 

2. We went on a family holiday
I had a week of break before starting at the new place and we brought the kids on a holiday that took us from the North to the South of Malaysia and over the Straits to Singapore. We went to a few themed places and it was a lovely trip. I'll post some fun pictures soon. 

Some interesting places that we went include Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club, Dinosaur Alive Water Theme Park in Johor and Gardens by Bay in Singapore. Really great places to visit with your kids. Even adults will enjoy these places too! :) 

3. I bought a new phone 
Well, the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 6 was playing in my mind for a while now... And my house, being a House of Apple 🍎 with the numerous iPads and iPhones and Mac, it was a natural choice for me. I have been wanting to upgrade to a larger screen phone and in the past 6 months been toying with the idea of defecting to the "other" side. 

First, the Man of the House bought me a iPad mini because I said I wanted a bigger screen. It was adequate for a while until it is now almost exclusively used by the Lil' princess. When the iPhone 6 was first unveiled, the units that was available in the market came from Singapore at a "rip-off-cut-throat" price of RM3-4K! OMG! I can't possibly bring myself to do it. Anyway, I got a great deal from my mobile service provider and well, the rest is, as they say, History. ❤️ my phone! 

4. Learnt to make a traditional Hakka dish called Yam Abacus Seed from my mom.
This is an extremely delicious comfort food. It is quite simple to make actually and my mom's recipe is like... "Agak-agak" for all the ingredients. Hmm... So, I will try to replicate it on my own and hopefully can recommend a more exact measurement for the ingredients. 

5. Bought my first pair of Jelly Bunny
Being a self-proclaimed "Shoepasaurus", I am embarrassed to say that I didn't know of this fun brand before that day that I bought the shoes. This is a place where all the shoes smell like candy (I am not joking!) and are so comfy! Within 5 minutes, me and my girlfriends bought 3 pairs of shoes (relax, total of 3 pairs. I know, you thought 3 pairs each, huh?). I can't resist these elegantly designed shoes. I mean, look at the sweet, soft, nude pink heels! OMG... I'm surprised that I only bought ONE pair. ;) Almost every women that I bumped into the rest of the day complimented me on my gorgeous shoes! 

6. My kids took turns to fall sick
Any parents will tell you that if they can only have one wish, that will be for their kids to stay healthy. The stress that everyone goes through when the lil' ones are not well is no joke. My boy and girl had high fever about 2 weeks ago and wasn't eating much for those few days. So, add this to the new job and lack of "blogability" (I know this is not a proper word, but I know you fully understand me... right? Right?), I really couldn't find time and energy to power up my laptop even when it was functional already. 

Here, I'd like to share what my regimen is when the kids have fever. Normally, I'd give the kids vitamin C beverage and sponge them regularly to allow the body's natural defense mechanism do it job. I'd monitor the Temperature regularly and if it gets to 38.5C, I'd give a round of Paracetamol and repeat at a 6-8 hours interval if the fever spikes again. It's very important to observe closely and keep the kid hydrated and boost their Vitamin C intake. If the temperature still spikes after 2x, it's time to visit the pediatrician. Oh, another thing, Epsom salt bath or sponging with lukewarm water + some Epsom salt to the areas with folds e.g. Armpits, neck, inner thigh etc. are good too to bring down the temperature. 

7. The Princess is going through "Sleep regression"
We are officially zombies (imagine the scene from The Walking Deadnow, as ever since she recovered from the fever, her biological clock somehow went "cuckoo" and her night and day got all mixed up. By that, I mean she would wake up at about 2a.m. and all recharged to play till 12p.m. (Oh my God... Kill me please someone... @_@). Then she would sleep until 6-7pm and sleep again at 9-10p.m. and wake at 2a.m. I really hope this is a phase that shall pass soon! Me and hubs are almost non-functional during the day. After almost 2 weeks of this, it's began to take a toll... Sigh... 

Baby Center says this is the 18 month Sleep Regression which is leading towards the "Terrific 2". 

8. To be continued 


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