Breastfeeding Stories : Yvonne & Annabelle

After trying for several years, I was elated to finally get pregnant naturally. I was excited to learn as much as I can about motherhood especially breastfeeding. Having heard so many stories from my cousins and friends that it would not be an easy journey, I wanted to prepare myself as much as possible. I signed up for a breastfeeding class, read online articles and forums, and sought guidance from experienced mothers.

My sister gave birth 3 weeks ahead of my due date, so I was able to learn from her journey as well. Thankfully, Allyson offered to visit and we learnt a lot from her. When I gave birth on Feb 13 2014, I was just so glad that my preparation paid off. My newborn baby girl suckled like a pro. For the first few days, I let her latch on demand.

The first test of my confidence came when my baby was diagnosed with jaundice. I had to pump the little breast milk I was producing for her as she was being treated in the hospital. I could no longer feed her on demand as there was no room for me to stay in the hospital. Fortunately, my sister already had excess breast milk, so we would send her breast milk to the hospital for my little one. She was out of the hospital after 2 nights.

The second test came soon after. I felt I could not produce enough for my little girl. She seemed to have a voracious appetite! At that time, I was pumping and latching her directly. I still had to depend on my sister’s milk stash as my girl would cry even after a feed. I read up and tried many milk boosters, none was especially significant. After consulting a few experienced mothers including Allyson, I pumped every 3 hourly and used a massage technique before and in between my pumping sessions. After 2 weeks of consistent pumping, my breast milk yield finally exceeded my baby’s demand. She was 2 months old.

Now, Annabelle is 14 months old and still fully breastfed. She prefers my breast milk to the solids I offer her. I no longer pump because she does not like to take expressed milk. I can say I truly enjoy breastfeeding because it gives me the opportunity to bond with my little girl the way I never imagined. I love the convenience of not having to clean and sterilize bottles, not having to lunge heavy bags filled with infant formula, hot water and the works. I like to think I save loads of money by breastfeeding. I love the feeling of being able to provide the best food for my little princess because I know she deserves the best.

Thanks Allyson for your support and guidance. My breastfeeding journey might not have been so smooth otherwise. :)


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