A letter to my daughter: Last bottle of pumped milk.

Dearest Baby Girl,

Today you are: 

2 years 3 months 23 days
or 27 months 23 days
or 120 weeks 5 days
or 845 days
or 20,280 hours
or 1,216,800 minutes
or 73,008,000 seconds 

Mummy had stopped pumping milk for you for about a week now. 13/7/15 was the last bottle that I pumped in the office. Wow, after a good 27.5 months, you are still going strong and latching at every opportunity when Mummy is at home. 

But, now that you are in preschool until 5.30p.m. daily with your Kor Kor, you don't drink much during the day. You are drinking Purenat Goat's Milk at Grandma's and once at school. 

I must say this is a bittersweet ending to my milk expressing "career". You will be our last Baby, so, it is really an emotional moment for me to finally put my beloved breast pump into retirement. But, I am OK, and WE are doing OK. :) 

I've slowly getting used to the routine of not having to lug my breast pump along everywhere I go. It has been an inseparable accessory to me for so long... that it almost feels like an extension of my physical body, like an extra limb. Once, I dreamt that there was a fire and I only took one thing with me to escape, the breast pump bag. So, yeah... :P The freedom is quite liberating! 

It truly has been a great experience: Pumped for 19.5 months with your brother and 27.5 months for you. What a great 47 months! 

I have learnt that the human will is the strongest force that can propel you to do anything to reach your set goals. I religiously stuck to the pumping schedule to ensure you'd always have milk for the next day. You have not touched 1 drop of formula, my dear girl. 

This is a proud achievement for me, dear girl. I am sure, I will be reminding you about this for many, manymany times in the years to come. :P

So, we are now on another milestone in our breastfeeding journey and I am in no hurry to end it (OK, honestly, sometimes I came close to ending it, especially when you get extra acrobatic while latching). My baby, Mummy will continue to nurture you for as long as I can. 

My wishes for you is to stay healthy always and believe me or not, stay persistent (super stubborn) as you are now. Mummy loves you so much and I really hope you will speak more soon. 

Lots of love,


  1. Wow. What an inspiration!
    My son is just 10 weeks old and I would love to breastfeed him for as long as possible. I admire your dedication and your labour of love.

    1. Hi there! Well done to you too! I'd always share this to all the mommies that I counsel, it gets easier after 7 weeks. So, since you have passed that milestones, give yourself a pat! Take it a day at a time and enjoy the bonding. Let me know if you have any questions, I am (and many others) here to help. :)


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