Very Fudgy Batik Cake

I first saw this Batik Cake from FB where a talented friend, Joo Ann, made these for a birthday party. I have never tasted it, but the look of the cake with pieces of brownish thing inside of chocolate cake intrigued me.

Only very recently, when a few baker friends who made and posted these chocolate treats on FB that I found out that it was a no-bake cake. Wow! I love anything that is super easy and come on, with chocolates… How can it go wrong?

I had some leftover Sweetened Creamer left in the fridge from the Steamed Moist Chocolate cake that I made 2 weeks ago. Now, there are 2 things that I hardly have at home, i.e. Sweetened Creamer and Marie Biscuits. 

Actually, as kids, we never ate Marie Biscuits and I didn’t know of its existence until I was a teenager. NOT KIDDING. When I told my Youngest Uncle about it, he looked at me as if I said I’ve never eaten “Roti Canai” or “Nasi Lemak” (Malaysia's favorite breakfast dishes. Kind of like National breakfast status) before. He had this look of disbelief! Oh well, my mom never bought Marie Biscuits, so, we never had it. 

Also, I had some cream crackers that have been lying around for a while now… My kiddos are cream crackers connoisseurs. They only eat this particular brand of cream crackers and only when it’s freshly opened from the package. In my head, I want to clear out all these random items in my house. Batik Cake’s recipe was perfect! I found a recipe that only uses 4 ingredients! Perfect! (Yes, I said it twice.)  Recipe inspired from

Made this is less than 10 minutes and into the fridge it went to set and cool. I almost doubted the recipe as it didn’t seem like the chocolate sauce wasenough to cover the crackers. But, once I pressed the baking paper down to compact the “cake”. It felt like it will work. The recipe is perfect for a take-away plastic container like below. I didn’t even have to wash a baking pan. Yaay!

When Mr. took the container out the next night, he just dug into it with a fork. He is a cool guy and doesn’t usually show a big reaction to most things in life. He said, “Nice”. Ka ChingKa Ching! It was like I struck the Jackpot. With neon lights and all. :D

I am happy that it turned out much better than I had imagined. It reminded me of a gooey chocolate bar. My son was in love with the very fudgy Batik “Cake”. He kept saying, “Very nice, mummy. Thank you, mummy.”

I think the Batik Cake experts might disapprove of my version, but in the end, the slightly salty cream crackers worked beautifully to balance the very sweet but surprisingly strong caramel-tasting sauce. It was like I accidentally made a Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar! The Marie Biscuits would have made the texture softer and more cake-like. I am already thinking of adding walnuts or almond slices to the recipe and it will be just like a Snickers barYummmyy!

Here are the slightly adapted, “even more” evil ingredients:

125g Munchy’s Vege Cream Crackers
198g Condensed milk (I used Sweetened Creamer and added 50g to the original recipe. It was the total leftover amount.)    
63g Butter
50g Dark chocolate

1. Line a small, rectangle take away plastic container with baking paper. Make sure the baking paper is 2 times longer than the height of the container. 
2. Break the cream crackers into half or quarter pieces.
3. Break the dark chocolate into small pieces; set aside. I used round piece type)
4. In a pot or pressure cooker using the “Stir Fry” mode melt the sweetened creamer or condensed milk, butter and chocolate for about 2-3 minutes and turn off the pot once you see some bubbling. Do NOT burn the mixture. Stir the mixture continuously. If the mixture still contains chunks, reheat in the pot using the “Warm/Reheat” function for another 20-30 seconds. Stir again until everything has melted into a smooth mixture.
5. Add the cream crackers pieces into the pot and stir to coat the crackers well. 
6. Transfer the mixture into the prepared containerPress the extra-long pieces of baking paper on top and cover the surface. Press down to compact the mixture and smooth the surface.
7. Place the container into the refrigerator to chill for 2 to 4 hours, or until the mixture has set.


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