After a Long break...

Hi Everyone! I know, I know... I have been away from blogging for like 2 years + . While I was relatively active on A Touch Of Ally’s Facebook page, somehow the convenience of FB and Instagram were too alluring for me. Please accept my utmost apologies. 

I supposed the Virgo in me kept postponing the blog posts as I used to spend a lot of time to make sure photos were chosen, watermarked and nicely aligned (Ok, fine, my past posts were far from professional, but, I sure did make sure the amateur me did my best! ;)). 

Well, after being away so long, I’d like to think that I’ve matured a bit more and somehow pay less attention to details than when I was younger. I guess content is more important than kept postponing my updates. So, what the heck, I would be more impromptu from now on. 

I am currently in love with bright, red lipstick. Now, they say give a girl the right lipstick and she can rule the world. I concur with this totally, especially on a bad day. I feel more invincible somehow. It gives me power to face the challenges. Try it! 

So, with this, I hope this shall revive a sleeping blog. Thank you for coming back over and over again for the recipes, I am so grateful. I hope they were helpful and brightened up your day too.

With love,


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