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Hello there and welcome to my blog! :) I am Allyson, or in short just Ally. Born and lived in Kuala Lumpur my whole life. I am a FTWM (I self-defined this as Full Time Working Mommypreneurof 2 lovely kids. My passions in life include breastfeeding, baking and anything to do with beauty and wellness. Positivity is my way of life. 

When it comes to food, I have been told, on many occasions, that when I eat, my expressions would make the other person watching think that the meal that I am having is SO delicious and tasty, 
even though it was just a plain plate of rice with simple dishes. The first time someone told me this was my best friend in high school. Then many years after that, I continue to have people telling me the same thing. 

So, it seems to me that if I ever have a blog, I would focus a lot on food. I have my late father to thank for giving me such a inclination to food (he is one that would drive miles to try something out and go back the next day) and my mother, who simply is the best cook in the world for all the 'training' that I had since young on how to become a foodie. :) 

I have only in the recent 5 years began to actually cook and bake and boy, have I had my share of disasters that had made me into a relatively decent baker that I am today. I would have never have thought that I could one day find baking therapeutic. I do not dare to claim that I am a good cook (Mom would roll her eyes is disbelief, ;)), but I am improving every time. 

When I became a mom, I had such a tough beginning to breastfeeding that I took up a 3-day course and got myself certified as a Peer Counselor with the Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor organisation (MBfPC) and vowed to support mothers on their breastfeeding journey. So, do take time to read through some posts on my personal experiences of breastfeeding my 2 kids and drop me a note if you need someone to talk to. Believe me, you would need plenty of support. 

I have many passions in life and I'd love to write about these so that I would always have a record of my adventures somewhere and hopefully I can inspire some of you to start baking, to breastfeed, and learn about beauty and health. 

Thanks for visiting! 


"Live is too Short, have dessert first!

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